Friday, August 9, 2013

{Gilbert, AZ Wedding Photographer} Bashanin Wedding

It started off simple enough. I nervously stood at the counter cutting strawberries for the dessert I had cooling at the table. As I methodically first halved then quartered each berry I couldn't help but think to myself, "Do people from Bangladesh even like strawberries??"

While I had heard of Arefeen many, many times, it was the first time I was meeting my husband's friend from school and I was a little nervous. He was bringing along his wife/fiance to discuss the wedding they were going to have in three days. You see, they were married in Bangladesh two years ago and were now planning on having a traditional, American wedding. Making this the second wedding I've shot of an already married couple.

Not only was I lucky enough to photograph their courtroom ceremony, but I also did her hair AND make-up! I mean, with a face like hers I really couldn't screw things up, but it was still a bit nerve wracking. And by nerve wracking I mean exciting. But also nerve wracking. In an exciting way. Does that make sense?
Okay, here are the pictures!

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