Monday, August 26, 2013

{Queen Creek Senior Portrait Photographer} Megan

Things have been quiet around here. B. Welty went camping this weekend and left his Old Lady (yes I've been watching too much Sons of Anarchy) home alone with the kids. Of course, I didn't post that fact anywhere on Social Media knowing for a fact that once I did the bad guys would come get me when I sleep (again, too much Sons of Anarchy). So while I was left home alone, Social Media-less, I did some brainstorming on blog posts when it hit me that Miss Megan had not graced my little old blog with her presence yet. I can only speak for myself, but I had a total blast with Megan. She watched as I attempted to throw a volleyball at her and snap a picture at the same time and was a total sport about hiking through the weeds. I'm so glad I've had such cool clients who are so willing to brave the Arizona bugs and heat, and yes I wholeheartedly put "bugs" before "heat".

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