Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{J. Welty} First Day of Pre-school

Whenever I see those things that say "You might be a photographer if..." I secretly kind of roll my eyes. I mean, is there any way to read any of those without hearing it in Jeff Foxworthy's voice and thinking of cheesy redneck jokes? Anyways, that being said, I totally couldn't help but think of that as I was taking these pictures. You might be a photographer if your three year old gives you 
look during his first day of pre-school photoshoot. Anybody else flash back to 2001 to this movie when you see it?

But in all seriousness I really barely made it to the car before almost bursting into tears at leaving my boy for pre-school. Luckily his darling teacher held his hand the whole way to class. 
Not that its creepy at all that I took out my stalker lens to snap this picture, right?

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