Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{Oreo's for Thought}

Does anybody else think that camping is SO much fun and is SUCH a good idea until its 3:00 in the morning and both kids are waking up and you have the sudden realization that you may never sleep again and that every little sound you hear is a bear thats about to eat you?

The good news is that when we went fishing that morning we got some cute early morning pictures of our cute boy. The whole time Brian kept telling me "Wipe off his face first!" But, lets be honest, how many times do you think Jackson sits this still and just lets me photograph him? Yeah. It only lasted about 5 seconds. So I captured him in all his dirty face, grungy clothes, groggy glory.

My first thought was to edit it out in Photoshop. I even went about the process of doing it until I was examining the before and after pictures. I started thinking about pictures of me when I was little, remembering that I was infamous for my always dirty face. Like, the kind of face that somehow always looks like you just ate 10 Oreo's even though you can't actually remember ever eating an Oreo that day. I absolutely love those photos and am really glad that my parents didn't have Photoshop to edit out my little imperfections.

I mean, do I think that those massive bangs were a good idea? Do I wish that that sweatshirt had been washed, like, ever? Do I cringe at the thought that I put my hand up the gills of that fish at one point and probably never washed my hands afterwards? Maybe. But I sure as heck am glad that this moment was captured, and never altered, to show me and all of my Alaska glory.

What do you think? Should we be aiming for perfection or authenticity in the photos we take of our children?

Personally, I'm kind of loving the authenticity. Because that outfit^ is as authentic as it gets.

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