Saturday, March 23, 2013

{Photography} Self Portraits

I found something out last week: I am incredibly awkward on the other side of a camera.

Last week Brian and I went out to take some self portraits for my new website. We found a nice grassy spot, I put my camera on the right settings, told Brian EXACTLY where to stand and we snapped a few pictures. And by a few I mean about a hundred. Some things I discovered:

1. I am a huge dork when trying to pose myself.
2. I shouldn't have chosen the busiest street in the area to take my photos by.
3. I think back lighting is so much more appealing than front lighting.

What do you think? Front or Back lighting? 
Maybe I'll write a post about the difference sometime...?


kristen said...

the back-lighting. you look amazing! the front-lighting documents what you look like, whereas the back-lighting shows who you are.

kristen said...
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