Monday, March 18, 2013

{Health} First time for everything...

You know you're out of shape when you get winded from just putting your old workout clothes on.

Today was my first time back on the working out bandwagon since I had the baby. If you've ever been a runner you'll understand what I'm talking about when I say the high that you get from running felt incredible. I have an awesome playlist full of whiny-girl-punk-rock-band songs that my husband never fails to make fun of me for

When I left the apartment he told me to take it easy. Seriously. Take it easy. And of course my plan was to go slow but my competitive side won't allow it. When I see other girls on the elliptical I can't help but peek at their machine and see how fast they're going so I can go slightly faster. 

Does anybody else do that? Or is it just me? 

Anyways I went a mile on the elliptical and about a half mile on the treadmill and got my butt kicked. It felt good though. Plus I got to wear the new kicks my husband got me after I had the baby.

Let me clarify something: This was not the kind of gift that says "Hey you just had a baby, now get on the treadmill woman and work off that baby weight." My husband knew that I had been griping for quite awhile about how fat I was getting and how I couldn't wait to run again. So it was actually very sweet that he got me new running shoes. It wasn't rude. I promise.

By the way, photo was taken on my iPhone so quality is horrible. Sorry about it.

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