Monday, March 25, 2013

{Life} A beautiful evening...

Saturday evening we went to our favorite park. The sun was just setting so it would've made for beautiful sunflare as it just peeked through the trees. As I sat in the car feeding my 2 month old, I watched as my husband ran up and down a hill over and over and over again with my 2 year old. My husband, the former Homecoming King, football stud, and, dare I say it, ladies man. Now the most wonderful husband and loving father, running up and down the same hill for 30 minutes straight just to please our little boy. You have no idea the happiness I felt as I watched this, and the urge to have my camera out and ready to capture this beauty overwhelmed me. Then I realized, no amount of megapixels, no amount of editing, could have captured exactly the way I felt at that moment. How it felt to see where my life has taken me and just how beautiful that life is. So instead of beating myself up over leaving my camera at home, I just laid back and watched my son smile and wave at me as he once again ran down that hill.

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