Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Photography} A Change in Perspective

I recently had a change in perspective.

Just like every woman in the world I'm sure, I've always been slightly self conscious of my body. I've always seen my imperfections through a magnifying glass.

Then I got pregnant.

And gained a whole bunch of weight.

And while my sweet husband would tell me while not quite making full eye contact with me that I looked great, I felt that the proof was in the mirror. After I had the baby, however, I lost a whole bunch of weight fast. I went from hardly being able to get off the couch to once again being able to see my toes.

And I felt great.

This new body of mine felt amazing and my self confidence was soaring.

Then weeks went by and as my mind adjusted to the person I saw in the mirror I started seeing my imperfections again. Did I always have such a pooch above my waist line? How long had those stretch marks been there? Well, now I know why they call it a muffin top. My self confidence was so short lived I was already complaining about the skin that I was feeling so great about just weeks before. Why was I gaining weight when I had just lost so much right after having the baby??

Then I realized that my body wasn't changing, my perspective was.

As a photographer I often see people who are so not comfortable in their own skin. Its easy for me to look through a lens and say "give me a natural smile" to someone who's skin is literally crawling at the thought of their current body being captured in a photo. But I also have the perspective of someone who sees a person for everything they are. There hasn't been one client of mine who I haven't been envious of something of their's. Whether it be their flawless skin, their beautiful blue eyes, or even their long flowing hair, there's beauty in everyone. So if you're afraid of being captured in your current "imperfect" state, just realize that there is always something that you have that somebody else wants.

And as my mom would always say,

"Why didn't I take more pictures when I was younger? I've only gotten uglier, fatter, and older."

Not that she was ever ugly, fat, or old, but that's just my perspective :)

6 months pregnant

2 weeks postpartum

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