Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things are Happening

There's something you should know about me. I'm the kind of person that thrives off of self confidence.
Right now I'm wandering into realms of photography that hadn't even been brought to my attention until recently. I just thought I would take pretty pictures, get paid for the prettiness, and buy better equipment to make them prettier. The idea of investing in myself, requiring self confidence and money that us poor college students don't have, never really entered into my mind. And instead of being scared to death at the prospect of failure, I find myself really excited. I find myself chattering away at my husband at 11:30 at night about all these big plans I have even though he's probably been asleep for the past 45 minutes. I find myself staring at cucumbers for 5 minutes at the grocery store because I've just had another super awesome idea. And here's why.
I'm taking K. Welty Photography to the next level. I'm going to do things right in the business world. I'm investing in myself and for the first time actually entertaining ideas that were, up until recently, just far away dreams. Why am I telling you these intimate and admittedly random details of my life?
Because I'll have upgraded and improved my equipment about tenfold, I'll be raising my prices shortly. But before I retire the old D5000 and my trusty 35mm lens, I wanted to give anybody the chance to hire me at these rates. Or, if you decide to wait for my amazing new equipment to arrive and my prices to rise slightly, either is fine by me :)
Things are happening!
But while I wait patiently for my business license to go through, my new equipment to arrive, and the time that I can translate all the ideas bouncing around in my head into pixels and print, here are some pretty pictures that I've taken with my much loved, not-so-old equipment.