Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hilary {Maternity}

One thing I have really grown to love about photography, particularly portrait photography, is how you know every little detail of a person once you're all through. By the end of it I've found that even though I've edited every tiny blemish and every unwanted wrinkle about a hundred times, all I remember are the features of people that I never would've noticed before. You wouldn't believe how many people have perfect teeth, flawless skin, or the prettiest hues in their eyes that I would never have seen had I not been zoomed up on their face for hours.

Take Hilary, for example. Mother of 5 boys, sick with the stomach flu the day before, and still she looks like she should be a super model on the cover of a pregnancy magazine. We're all so excited that after 5 boys she's done the impossible and is having a GIRL! And already this girls being spoiled with mommy's first maternity pictures ever! Congrats Hilary!

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