Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Queen Creek Engagement Photographer} Steven + Elisa

Okay, so its not TECHNICALLY an engagement session but I'm labeling it as such because honestly, I want to market these two as an engaged couple. Who wouldn't see these two and not want an engagement session exactly like them? I mean, sure, they're technically already married but these beautiful faces are just dying to be on the Engagement page on my website :) When I asked their permission to put them on there they said, "Well it must mean that the pictures will turn out good if you want to put them on your website, right?" 

Uhhhhhh, yes! With a gorgeous couple, beautiful field, and a perfect sunset, these two will be all over my website! Okay, time for the back story.

These two were married 9 months ago, and wanted some additional photos of just the two of them. Even though we weren't able to get together for their actual wedding day *sigh* I'm SO happy to have met them and had so much fun capturing their love. 

This field was my absolute favorite location in Queen Creek. You might recognize it from this photoshoot or this one, and I had been getting a lot of requests to go to it. I even told Steven and Elisa during our shoot, "I don't know whats going to happen if the grass ever gets plowed!" Just take a guess at what happened next. The next Saturday morning I met a cute family (blog post coming soon) who requested it and lo and behold: It had been plowed. Oh well, I guess it'll keep my photos fresh by forcing me to find a new location, right? So if you've been ogling over the location in the last few shoots like I have (not to mention planning my OWN family session here) we'll have to wait till next year when the grass has (hopefully) grown back in. Until then, enjoy the beauty of this adorable couple's love.

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