Saturday, August 17, 2013

{Central Coast Couples Photographer} Garret + Lindsay

I can quite honestly say that my husband loves me. That's something I can say with great confidence. Until I get together with my old BFF Lindsay, in which case he wants to get as far away from the shrill, giggly, suddenly 16 year old version of me that will always come out when we get together. We all have that friend though, right? Besides the fact that we tend to regress into our Joaquin Phoenix crushing, Phantom of the Opera quoting, 12 year old boy potty humor loving girls that we used to be, Lindsay is a phenomenal hairstylist now with a hunky boyfriend. Oh, and she speaks Korean. What?

Do you also have that friend that brings out a whole different side of you? Please tell me you do. Or is it just me...

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