Thursday, April 25, 2013

{Photography} Picking a location

 Remember these pictures?

When I set out to do these pictures I had no idea where I wanted to do them. Eventually I headed to my favorite location where I did most of my 2012 Holiday Season photoshoots. Unfortunately all the leaves had fallen off the trees and it wasn't nearly as colorful as I would've wanted my pictures to be. I settled for a stretch of well manicured green grass across the street because the light was fading and I was desperate.

That's when I saw it.

The smallest patch of grass you could have imagined, but I loved it and told my husband that's where I wanted the pictures taken. He seriously doubted me. Here is a pull back of the location I loved (straight out of camera shots):

 Pretty pathetic right? There was even trash that we had to kick away.

But all I was looking at was a small piece of this picture. I didn't see the trash, the little orange flags, or the busy-ness of the farm behind it. I've learned to see life through a lens, and through my lens what I saw from this was great texture, small yellow flowers, and beautiful golden hues. And the pictures I got were exactly what I wanted. The overgrown grass made for great bokeh (blurred background) and there was a lot of light and color.

After that my husband told me to explain to all my clients what I'm looking for in a location because if he were my client and I had taken him there he would've thought I was crazy.


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