Friday, March 8, 2013


I'm currently working on a little thing called Rebranding. When I first started the process of choosing colors and fonts and whatnot I was going for a bright, light, and fun feel. I chose the colors I decorated my home, blue and yellow, but for the life of me could NOT come up with anything that I absolutely loved. After reading this article I decided to make a Pinterest board of everything that inspires me. I included everything from photographs to hairstyles to home decor items, anything that made me giddy inside. To my surprise, everything was shades of blacks and browns. Which actually makes a lot of sense because half of my color coordinated closet (I have major OCD) is black and brown. When I showed my husband he was like, "Those are exactly the colors I was thinking were more your style."

Okay, Mr. Smartypants.

 I love this picture that I shot this December. Its exactly what I love about photography. Rich tones and lots of emotion.

I wanted to leave a few of my favorite things from my Branding board but I literally could not choose a favorite. I love them all. You seriously have to check them out, there's so much beauty and talent out there!

  You can check out my Rebranding board here to see all my favorite pretty things, and follow me here.

So what inspires you?

Leave me a link of any of your favorite things and I'll check it out :)

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