Monday, April 23, 2012

Dylan + Stef {Engaged}: Central Coast Wedding Photographer

Meet Dylan and Stef. My first ever engagement shoot for a married couple.

On 11-11-11 this cute couple got so swept up in their love that they went and got married spur of the moment! Now they are planning another ceremony where they can share their love with family and friends. Hence, an engagement shoot for a married couple!

We had SO much fun, we climbed trees, we almost got stuck in the mud in the mustard fields, and we even got some fantastic photos of them jumping off a dock into the ocean! And if you're wondering whats with the pears, we had themes for each scene that we set up! I won't ruin the surprise though, you'll have to see the cute announcements that we'll be working on to find the themes ;) And the Harley? They are basically living my husband's dream of each owning their own Harley. Yeah, they're pretty awesome.

Thanks Stef and Dylan for the fun shoot, the yummy Sylvester's burgers, and for being so photogenic!


Anonymous said...

These are really awesome photos of Dylan & Stef . Truly amazing photography! I'm sure will have a hard time choosing the best one!

stef t. said...

what an amazing day! we battled rain and wind up until mere hours before the scheduled shoot time! kaitlin has such an optimistic attitude and she works so well with her husband that we were relaxed and enjoying ourselves (even shin deep in mud)!
[we can't wait to work with you again! thank you SO much for sharing your talent + enthusiasm!]

Amanda Gentle said...

Dylan and stef both are amazing photos and central coast wedding photographer is very good.

I will give suggestion of my friend gaurav for central coast wedding photographer.