Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

If you have not met Ree Drummond yet, you need to. Now.

She's the creator of the website Pioneer Woman and she is simply fabulous! She's got about a million fantastic recipes, tons of great photography articles, huge giveaways to her faithful fans, and everything in between.

She often holds Photography Assignments where she either gives a category (silly, black & white, portraits, bokeh, textures, etc.) or gives out her original SOOC picture and tells everyone to EDIT THIS! She then sifts through literally thousands and thousands of pictures and comes up with a few different groups of her favorites, then the finalists out of those favorites, then a winner. So after months of sitting back and watching others submit really awesome pictures, I decided to give the latest EDIT THIS! a try! And guess what.....


Okay so I'm only in the first round of favorites so far, but as I've always told Brian, "It would be such an honor to just have her choose ONE of my pictures!" because of how many thousands of participants there are and the level that a lot of them are at is just incredible! So, here is the SOOC shot she gave everyone to edit:

And here is the edit that I submitted and got picked:

To see the other finalists for the Assignment (which, trust me, you'll want to see) click here. Keep an eye out for the one by kweltyphotography!

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Hilary said...

congratulations! that's so awesome!